Vize Eurochamp


First of all congratulations to “Call me Daddy” for winning the title at the 4th European Championships in Paris 20/21 july 2012!

We had a great time and played a wicked final game against CMD.

So in the end we ended up second and became Vize Eurochamp!

Some pictures here:

World Championships coming up in less than 4 weeks!!

Can´t wait to play that level of polo again! Just insane poloskillz among the top teams!





Edisons is reunited.

David, who spend the last 9 month in Vancouver, Canada is back in Frankfurt.

So good to have you back David!!

We will see, if he picked up some skills in the hometown of current Worldchampion “Crazy Canucks”

We would like to thank Robert Lau from Hamburg, who played the last tournaments with us. With him, we placed second in Padova in the Polorama Tornament and won the German Championships. For playing with us for a few tourneys getting the german champ title isn´t to bad, right?!






Edisons,  a fusion of two very successful teams of recent years.

Poloyynthese (Frankfurt) and Toros (Munich)

Polosynthese, which have wonthe 2010 German championships, played with a young, extremely fast game in two years among the best in Europe and became Vice European Champion 2011 in Barcelona.

Toros have been playing for over three years in the top three in Europe. Already at their first tournament in London in 2008 they got the title and have since stood in countless finals. The biggest success was a fourth place at the World Championships 2010 in Berlin.

For personal and professional reasons had to separate players from both teams. As both teams were very successful in recent years, there was little surprise that the first “Trial-tournament” was unparalleled success.

In this tournament, the “East Van Crown”, a very lucrative tournament in Vancouver, Canada, we succeeded as the first European team to win a competition on North American soil. We earned the victory against the reigning American and the world champion, who had only a week earlier, earned the title in Seattle.

With this launch, we go into next season and have set ourselves ambitious goals.